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You will get a robust straight line for your business and your success.

We will find answers to the 6 W’s:

WHERE do you want to go, by WHEN and HOW, so that you can do WHAT, WHY you chose this business and WHOM are you serving?

That will be your power; it requires discernment, focus, and preparation.

Building financial resources and implementing Guy’s method will alert you when your business is facing south.

Furthermore, boost you back up to transform it into a prospering business.







My Skills

My modest background is probably what has driven my quest for achievement and excellence throughout my life. Having worked in so many sectors and countries, I blend solid and traditional Swiss values with openness on the world and its incredible diversity.
I bring a lifetime of professional and human experience to deliver dedicated and bespoke services to High Net Worth Individuals and families.
My professional track has taught and enriched me with skills, values, and essential human qualities. Those of which I am the proudest are trust, loyalty, and resourcefulness because these qualities allow me to consistently deliver the best I possibly can to all my clients.

Born into a middle-class family, I grew up in the beautiful Lausanne region on the shores of the Lac Léman (also known as Lake Geneva to the horror of Lausanne’s inhabitants). My life was destined to be quite ordinary, except for a twin brother, an unpleasant divorce, and a custody battle. I now live with my 12-year old son in a shared custody arrangement with his mother. It was a long and expensive negotiation, but love, especially for one’s child, is a powerful motivation and simply makes us stronger.

I am from the generation whereby we were trained people to become capable and resourceful professionals by learning on the job. I left school at the age of sixteen for a three-year industrial management apprenticeship. My main tasks were related to the costing of electrical panels… not very glorious or exciting, but it provided me with a solid foundation in terms of work discipline and ethics.


Guy Freiburghaus with Kevin Harrington,
One of the world’s leading sales gurus with over
5 Billion USD in product sales

Guy Freiburghaus with Kane Minkus
The #1 Global Business Coach & Mentor 
Founder of Industry Rockstar

A decade later, I left the City of Pully and opened my own Fiduciary Office in Pully “easyimpots.ch” as well as an insurance company. I operated these two entities until the largest Law Firm of Switzerland offered me the opportunity to take responsibility for their accounting and finance department, then the financial direction of the Study in 2011.

To enrich my skills and capabilities as an independent, I followed the training of Brendon Burchard (Experts’ academy), notably in Santa Clara (CA), on the theme of the monetization of knowledge. Then in 2016 with Robert Kiyosaki (Legacy Education) in Richmond (UK), creating value through real estate investments in England. And since 2017, Kane & Alessia Minkus Global Business Mentorship program.

I followed up my apprenticeship with compulsory military service in the infantry where I became a non-commissioned officer. My introduction to finance and money management came quite by surprise with a 2-year stint in the Cantonal Tax Administration, where I followed courses related to taxation. This has served me consistently throughout my career. I followed up on the Tax Office with the sale of life insurance products, another Swiss specialty, which taught me valuable sales techniques acquired in Patria’s training center in Basel.

After three months of intensive English training in Bath (UK) and a few months in Basel at Ciba-Geigy, I joined the finance department “Société Générale de Surveillance” in Geneva, where my main tasks were related to transactions with foreign branches of the group and FX transactions.

To have a break from my institutional career, I left Switzerland in 1988 to live the American experience and enrolled in a jazz school in Los Angeles where, after a year of intensive training, I graduated as a professional guitarist. I truly believe one must never neglect what makes us happy!

In 1990, I was back in Switzerland. I went on to work as a sales manager at ECCO Lausanne and Territory Manager in French-speaking Switzerland for a Swiss-German electronics company. I then joined the finance department of the City of Pully in 1992, and after taking various higher education courses at SEC Lausanne and IDHEAP Lausanne, I became the City’s Comptroller and Deputy Head of the Finance Department.

Guy’s mission


Today I share with others the knowledge and essential knowledge to building a robust and well-managed business that can overgrow. My professional track has enriched me with skills and values, qualities needed to pass on my expertise to my students. The benefits that serve me best are trust, loyalty, and resourcefulness because they enable me; they consistently deliver the best possible service to all my clients and students.

In addition to teaching business owners how to grow their companies by embedding financial discipline in their businesses,

I work for some of Switzerland’s wealthiest families, delivering tailored services, often acting on their behalf. The length and diversity of my career have equipped me with the specialized know-how needed to serve an HNWI clientele, particularly in terms of due diligence, monitoring of their assets, assistance in the choice of their investments and their search for real estate assets to enhance their property portfolios.

It has also allowed me to develop a first-class network of real estate specialists in the field of luxury properties in Switzerland and other sought-after locations around the world.

How would your life be if you could rapidly and sustainably grow into a prosperous business?

We are experienced trusted experts guaranteeing the continuity
and constant growth of your company and ideas of the future, today.

We focus on your business growth and best strategies for you to succeed.

Change is not only a constant but also necessary for growth and success.
Making changes to how we perform and manage our businesses can be fraught with frustration and resistance. It is essential to understand the underlying push back and resistance to change we see every day.
In turn, this can lead to moral decline, reduced productivity, missed deadlines, time and budget
blow-outs. To summarize it: The end of your company.
By nature change is disruptive, only with strong strategic leadership, planning and ongoing evaluation, you will achieve your intended business results.

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